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What is Facial and Eyebrow Threading?

Threading is the art of removing facial hair and shaping brows via a piece of thread specifically made for facial hair removal. Threading originated in India over 6000 years ago. Originally a street art form, it has grown in notoriety in the U.S. over the past decade as an alternative form of hair removal to waxing. Threading is mostly used to remove hair from the face; mainly the brows; however it can be used to remove body hair as well. Threading is great for clients with sensitive skin or whom have allergies to the ingredients in wax. It is a great technique to learn as there is "currently" no formal regulations that require threaders to obtain a professional beauty license; therefore, we do not require a license to take our Facial and Brow Threading classes. 

What are Facial and Eyebrow Threading Classes?


Threading classes teach the history and the technique of facial and eyebrow threading to the public. In our one-day, 8-hour Facial and Brow Threading Class you will learn the art of threading the face; including brow, lip, cheek, neck and forehead areas. In addition you will learn proper shaping and filling techniques to give your clients their best brow. This class offers a brief explanation of opening a Threading Boutique and instruction on how to file a business license within your state. Your instructor will also go over tips on starting and running a successful threading boutique business and how to successfully implement threading into an existing beauty business. 

The difference in our Facial and Brow Threading course!

Our Threading classes are held in beautiful Sola Salon Suites Training room, located in Westerville, Ohio. Our facial and eyebrow threading course consists of a full day of learning the history of threading, threading different parts of the face; eyebrows, lips, chin, cheek, neck and forehead, self threading, threading clients and key business information on how to open your own Threading Boutique or implementing this service into a current service menu. We provide small group training classes for 2-3 people at a time to ensure everyone gets a full understanding of threading techniques and enough practice to feel comfortable practicing alone at home and accepting clients. 


The Threading class will cover the following topics:

Theory of Threading: 15 min

  • Proper holding threading techniques

  • Proper winding threading  techniques

  • How to hold the thread against the skin

Hair Removal: 1hr

  • How to remove hair inside the loop

  • Removing hair from the root

  • Practicing removing hair from the inside of your leg

Self Threading: 1 hr

  • Proper holding techniques

  • Proper winding techniques

  • Practice removing hair from lip, chin and cheek areas

Practice Models: 1hr

  • Threading forehead

  • Threading upper lip

  • Threading chin area

  • Threading and shaping+filling eyebrows

Business Theory: 15

  • We will research the rules and regulations of the Cosmetology Board in your state.

  • Go over the proper steps to register your Threading Boutique Business

  • Proper steps for obtaining a Threading Boutique License

Q&A - 15 min

  • Will answer questions from the class about facial and eyebrow threading techniques or business licensure. 

How to register for our Facial and Brow Threading Course:


We have group and semi-private, exclusively private trainings available:

A deposit for our group and semi-private classes is a non-refundable fee of $150 this reserves your seat in the Facial and Eyebrow Threading class of the date and time you choose. The $150 is subtracted from your total class cost and the balance is due upon entry into your class. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another class date or time.

We have combined our Group, Semi-Private and Exclusively Private Classes to offer maximum availability; therefore, both classes; group + semi-private are all now $350, with combined availability, your class may be private or may have up to 2 additional students (3 students maximum). This is to prevent classes from being cancelled and/or rescheduled when we aren't able to completely fill a group class. Regardless of the number of students in the class, every student will receive quality training to ensure you understand and are able to perform the techniques of facial threading. Classes may last anywhere between 1-3 hrs depending on how quickly the student(s) grasp the threading techniques and are able to perform the techniques taught efficiently and effectivelyRefunds: We do not provide refunds in partial or in total for training classes, whether group, semi-private or exclusively private. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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