How to get goddess lashes

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

We all know cleanliness is next to Godliness, whatever is clean like is "like" new again. This same saying can be applied to clean lashes, This is why we clean your lashes before and after your lash application; whether it is a new set or a fill. Cleansing prior to application gives us a clean base to work with. It removes oil, and left over make-up from your lashes which can interfere with the adhesive bonding to the extension to your natural lashes. Lash adhesive of any kind (not just ours) cures when it comes into contact with water. Curing is the process in which adhesive hardens over time. Curing converts the liquid to a hardened solid, in which it becomes resistive to temperature, moisture and other chemicals while maintaining flexibility. You may notice during your lash application your lash artist will use a mister, this supports the process of curing throughout your lash application.

Once your set is finished or fill in is complete, we wash your lashes to solidify the bond. Without a post-cleanse the adhesives fumes (which are invisible to the naked eye) are still surrounding your face for up to 48-hours. This can cause irritation to the eyes, leading to itching, burning and some redness. This usually subsides after 48-72 hours. To prevent this uncomfortable side effect we cleanse the lashes after application to coax them into curing immediately before you open your eyes and get up from the lash table.

It is important to carry on this cleanse process at home as well. Cleansing daily is vital for your lashes to last and have a healthy environment to grow in. We find some clients avoid cleansing to avoid shedding which is a big no, no! It is normal for your lashes to shed on a daily basis 3-5 a day is common. So go ahead and cleanse those lovely lashes of yours, your lashes and your lash artist will thank you for it.

Watch a video of a post-application cleanse below:

-Post Lash Application Cleansing Video - via LX Day Spa

Written By: Noel Crockett

Owner and Operator of LX Day Spa

Licensed Esthetician

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